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  1. Kittu's Very Mad Day by Harshikaa Udasi

    Kittu's Very Mad Da...



    Kittu is lost! The World’s Most Chaotic Family has left him behind at a dhaba on the highway in the middle of nowhere. He is rescued by an icecreamwala and suddenly, Kittu’s terrible, horrible day turns mad! Who would have thought that this middle-of-nowhere place would have a skate park? The icecreamwala’s daughter Mad is mad about skateboarding and now Kittu wants to zoom around on a skateboard, too! But can a boy with one leg who walks on crutches learn to skateboard? Is Kittu mad to even try? Watch Chapter 1, like what you see, read the book to find out to what happens to Kittu.


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  2. Against All Odds (English, Paperback, Ramendra Kumar)

    Against All Odds (E...


    Kartik lives, breathes and dreams football—and now he cannot play! When Kartik and Kavya move from Kolkata to Rourkela, neither is enthusiastic about living in a small town and leaving their old friends behind. But it is especially tough on Kartik. At school in Kolkata, no one paid much attention to the fact that he was one-armed, whereas in the new school, he is treated like a freak. Worst of all, the school football coach refuses to let him play. Will Kartik overcome the odds and play football again? Find out how Kartik and his new friends take on life’s challenges, in this tale of fun, football and friendship. Learn More
  3. Shah Jahan and the Ruby Robber (English, Paperback, Natasha Sharma)

    Shah Jahan and the ...


    Shah Jahan, the Great Mughal Emperor, is hopping mad. Someone has replaced the precious Timur ruby on this throne with .. a plum! What’s worse, plums are suddenly turning up everywhere. Who can help the emperor solve this mystery? Learn More
  4. Ninja Nani and the Bumbling Burglars (Book 1)

    Ninja Nani and the ...


    What would you do if you wanted to watch your favourite show, but someone mean and cranky and scary was hogging the TV? Deepu is the biggest fan ever of the great Ninja Dragon Morimori and knows he must behave as nobly as that great cartoon hero. Which is why he is grappling with his cranky old grandmother for the remote control, when ZZZZAP! Nani has super ninja powers and is swinging from the ceiling and back flipping across the living room! When Nani disappears out the window, Deepu has to follow. Will Deepu survive this crazy night? Will he end up in a smelly beast’s belly or the little boys’ jail? More important, will he get back home before Mummy suspects anything? Learn More
  5. Ninja Nani and the Zapped Zombie Kids (Book 2)

    Ninja Nani and the ...


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    Granny Cool When a new danger threatens the children of the Gadbadnagar neighbourhood, only Deepu can sense it. His granny, Ninja Nani, aka the Mystery Hero, doesn't believe him, but Deepu knows there's something very strange going on in Mrs Godbole's tuition class. His friends are acting like sleep-deprived zombies and why do the people caught on camera during a jewellery store heist look a lot like them? Will Nani and Deepu save his friends before it’s too late? Will Deepu be eaten by zombies? Or will he—gasp!—turn into one? BUWUHAHAHAHAHAH! Learn More
  6. Timmi and Rizu (hole books)

    Timmi and Rizu (hol...


    Timmi's new friend Rizu is in trouble. Three boys lie in wait for him near the school every day. Timmi, Idliamma and Juju the giant are full of ideas to help him, but will any of them work?

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  7. Sandy to the Rescue (Hole Books) Paperback by Rupa Gulab (Author),‎ Chetan Sharma (Illustrator)

    Sandy to the Rescue...


    Sandy's mummy is getting as large as an elephant. But he has no time to worry about it because his new friend, Aftab, needs saving from mean Mrs Gupta and her cat. How can Sandy rescue him?

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  8. Susie will Not Speak (Hole Books) Author Shruti Rao

    Susie will Not Spea...


    Jahan’s best friend Susie has a lisp. The boys in the park tease her and call her Thoothie and the kids at school laugh at her. Fed up, Susie decides to stops speaking. What is Jahan to do with a best friend who won’t speak? Learn More
  9. Mira the Detective (Hole Books) Author Pavithra Sankaran

    Mira the Detective ...


    An antique watch is stolen...
    Packets of Mayamix are destroyed...
    A neighbour goes missing...

    Something fishy is going on and Mira the detective will get to the bottom of it!

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  10. Vibhuti Cat : (Author)-Shikhandin  (Shubham Lakhera -Illustrator) (Paperback edition)

    Vibhuti Cat : (Auth...


    Magesh is different from other children. He's no good with words. And when he's misunderstood he gets upset and his movements get jerky. But there are two things he loves: playing with his brother Vignesh, and his Vibhuti Cat.But what will happen when Magesh starts going to school? Will he take Vibhuti cat along?

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  11. When Morning Comes  : Arushi Raina -(Author) (Paperback edition)

    When Morning Comes ...


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    It’s 1976 in South Africa.
    In the black township of Soweto, Zanele works as a nightclub singer and is plotting against the apartheid government. 
    Her best friend Thabo, schoolboy turned gang member, has troubles of his own--a deal gone wrong and some powerful enemies.
    Across the bridge, in the wealthy white suburbs, Jack plans to spend his last days in Johannesburg burning miles on his beat-up Mustang--until he meets Zanele.
    Working in her father’s shop, Meena finds a packet of banned pamphlets. 
    A series of chance meeting sets off a chain of events--a failed plot, a murdered teacher, a forbidden love and a growing student movement that sweeps across the country like a blazing fire.

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  12. Keep Calm and Mommy On (English, Paperback, Tanu Shree Singh)

    Keep Calm and Mommy...


    • How do I get my kids to be polite?
    • How do I get my kids to stop fighting?
    • How do I get my son to do homework without endless nagging?
    • How do I deal with teenage hormones?
    • How do I help my daughter deal with bullies? 

    As a mom (or dad) these questions must be giving you sleepless nights. But don't despair just yet! Read this wise, funny and charming book, for handy lists. hilarious anecdotes and practical solutions to your dilemmas.

    It will help you keep calm and mommy on!

    Dr Tanu Shree Singh combines her academic training in psychology with her practical experience as the hands-on mother to two teenagers, to discuss the challenges and delights which today's parents face.

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  13. Peanut has a Plan (Hole Books) (English, Paperback, Yashodhara Lal)

    Peanut has a Plan (...


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    Peanut's plans always end badly! 'No more plans,' says her mother. But the neighbourhood pups need help, so Peanut has to make a new plan, urgently! But will this one work? And what if her mother finds out?

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  14. Manya Learns to Roar (Children First) Shruti Rao

    Manya Learns to Roa...


    Manya badly, badly wants to be Shere Khan in her school play. The Jungle Book is her favourite film and she knows all the lines. She's sure she'll be a superb Shere Khan. But not everyone thinks so. Her classmate Rajat is always making fun of her stammer. Her English teacher thinks its risky to let her get on stage and her principal seems to agree. The more anxious Manya gets, the worse her stammer becomes. Will Manya lose her dream role? Can she overcome her fears and learn to roar? This book was a winner in the Children First writing competition, organised by Parag, an initiative of Tata Trusts and Duckbill Books. Learn More
  15. Moin and the Monster  (English, Paperback, Anushka Ravishankar)

    Moin and the Monste...


    “One night, in the dim darkness of his room, Moin heard something shuffling and sniffling under his bed”. It is a monster. Moin has to learn to live with the monster, which does nothing but eat bananas, sing silly songs and try out new hairstyles. However, keeping the monster a secret from his parents and teachers is a tough task and finally Moin decides that the only thing to do is send the monster back where it came from. Learn More
  16. Akbar and the Tricky Traitor

    Akbar and the Trick...


    The mighty Mughal emperor Akbar is angry. Someone is leaking secrets of his court to his enemies. What's worse, his enemies are now laughing at Akbar. Who can help the emperor solve this mystery? Learn More
  17. Raja Raja and the Swapped Sacks

    Raja Raja and the S...


    Raja Raja Chola, the King of Kings, is upset. Someone is swapping the precious pepper being shipped to China with goat droppings. What’s worse, the Chinese are now threatening to stop all trade. Who can help the emperor solve this mystery? Mysteries you’ll never find in history books Learn More
  18. Ashoka and The Muddled Messages

    Ashoka and The Mudd...


    The great Mauryan emperor Ashoka is furious. Someone is messing with the messages he wants inscribed on rocks and pillars. What's worse, the messages are now the opposite of what Ashoka wants to say. Who can help the emperor solve this mystery? Learn More
  19. Moin the Monster Songster - Anushka Ravishankar

    Moin the Monster So...


    “It was no great hardship for Moin to stop singing, but stopping the monster was proving to be an impossible task”. When you share a house with a monster who loves to sing, it is unlikely that your first concert will go smoothly. But when a Bollywood music maestro enters the scene and the monster decides to change its colour, life becomes impossibly complicated for Moin. This laugh-out-loud funny sequel to Moin and the Monster will have you demanding more. Learn More
  20. Razia and the Pesky Presents -Natasha Sharma

    Razia and the Pesky...


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    Razia Sultan, the dynamic ruler of Delhi, is enraged. Someone is sending her pesky presents--girly dresses and soppy poems on sultanas. What’s worse, they come with notes challenging her right to rule, as a woman. Who can help the sultan solve this mystery? Learn More
  21. Tiger Boy  (English, Paperback, Mitali Perkins)

    Tiger Boy (English...


    Neel’s parents want him to win a scholarship, and go to the big city to study. But Neel doesn’t want to leave his beloved sundarbans, with its and then a tiger cub goes missing from the reserve! The evil Gupta wants to sell the cub and sets is people to search for it. Neel and his sister rupa are determined to find the cub and take it to safety before Gupta and his goons find it. Racing against time, and braving the dangers of the dark, will neel succeed in saving the little tiger cub?

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  22. The Shy Supergirl (English, Paperback, Shabnam Minwalla)

    The Shy Supergirl ...


    Nina is very shy, but she has a secret superpower. When a silver owl disappears from a neighbour's house, it's the Shy Supergirl who has to find the culprit. 

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  23. Lucky Girl  (English, Paperback, Shabnam Minwalla)

    Lucky Girl (Englis...


    Sumi is not a lucky girl. Her super-chef mom is always feeding her things like pumpkin peel muffins and furryleaf parathas. Yuck.

    Sumi has to get her hands on some yummy food. But how? 

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  24. Neel on Wheels ( by Lavanya Karthik (Author), Habib Ali (Illustrator)

    Neel on Wheels ( by...


    My big brother Neel has wheels
    Neel's wheelchair transforms itself to fight dragons and monsters and chase away scary creatures of the night.

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